Jason Jones is an award-winning film producer, a pro-life activist, a professional public speaker, president of a film production company, founder of several non-profits like I am Whole Life and HERO (Human-Rights Education & Relief Organization). He spearheads missions that bring clean water, supplies, and food to those suffering in South Sudan and inspects 26 water wells in Darfur along with distributing $2 million in food, medicine and other aid. Not to mention, he is a husband and father to six, well number seven is on the way. He is one of the world’s busiest guys.

While in Houston to speak about his film short Crescendo, he insisted on visiting the residents at LifeHouse. Jones said, “That is why I make films, that is why I do all of this, for these girls who choose life and for these babies. I just like hanging out with the girls.”