We believe it's time to reimagine how we help.

    How We Will Do This

    In this new season, we believe “helping” looks like collaboration and innovation in the context of a community of faith. LifeHouse believes that in order to provide the best possible care to the women and children seeking our services, it is imperative to relocate from the fringes of Houston into the heart of the city in Spring Branch. This location not only affords us proximity to bus lines, job opportunities, donors, volunteers, and other non-profit partners, but also increases our capacity to care for even more women and children. This allows for our women’s children to attend some of the best schools in Houston. Residentially, we are seeking to increase our capacity by 150% over the course of the next three years. Programmatically, LifeHouse is embarking on a new social enterprise venture with Citizen’s Catering to provide imperative employment and skills-based training in effort to see a greater rate of success in our residents remaining self-sustaining after leaving our program.

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