Last Tuesday, thousands of teenage girls waited outside for entry into the Toyota Center for the Justin Beiber concert. Gathered quietly in a circle just inside were a special group of teenage girls who were already moms or preparing to become ones very soon. Some of the girls lived together in a maternity home called, LifeHouse in South Houston. All of the girls shared a common bond with one another and Pattie Mallette, Justin Beiber’s mother.

Mallette shared her story with the girls. She could understand their struggles first hand because she became pregnant with Justin when she was 17 years old. She also lived in a maternity home for much of her pregnancy. She spoke about many of the challenges she faced and gave valuable advice. Mallette welcomed questions from her receptive audience.

Moms or not, teenage girls do think about boys and that is one of the topics they asked about. “I was always attracted to the wrong guys, the bad ones,” Mallette said with a laugh. “After making a lot of wrong choices and having Justin, I realized that until I learned to love myself and found my worth in God then I would never attract the good guys.”

For some of the tougher issues, she highly recommended that the girls seek counseling and to always find someone to talk to whether it be a parent, a friend, someone from church, a teacher, but to talk to someone.

Mallette penned a new book available in stores titled, “Nowhere But Up.” The book chronicles her difficult and painful past and her road to healing and redemption through faith. Life House Advancement Director, Courtney Abernethy said, “Nowhere But Up is going to be required reading for our girls. It is so powerful.” Mallette signed a book for each girl making each message personal.

After closing the group in prayer, She told the girls, “I’ve been in all of your shoes. I want to encourage you girls to never give up on your dreams. When I was a young girl pregnant and then with a baby, I never would have dreamed I would be where I am today. Don’t let anyone tell you can’t make it!”

After hugging the girls and taking tons of photos, she gave the group fourth row tickets on the floor. Justin’s show was amazing. And yes, the girls did get to take their picture with Beiber. But Pattie Mallette was a true inspiration and the rock star for the girls of LifeHouse.

LifeHouse is a Christ-centered ministry providing opportunities for housing, healing and hope for young women during their pregnancy and beyond. LifeHouse is the only maternity home licensed by the State of Texas to house girls ages 12-24 years old, regardless if they plan to parent or place their baby in an adoptive home.