The East Chambers High School Girls Basketball Team held a fundraiser game with proceeds to benefit LifeHouse.  Through raffle ticket sales, the team raised $1,100.00.  Having heard about the LifeHouse ministry on KSBJ, they were excited to partner with us in support of our mission.

Their desire to bless the ministry continued as Coach Terry Short brought the team to our two-home campus for an outreach project.  Our backyard area has been in the process of having a sprinkler system installed and pavers put in place, so it was decided that the existing flower pots needed a fresh new look.  Everyone had a fabulous time as they skillfully designed and decorated with paint.  LifeHouse plans to add an herb garden next month, so plant stakes and messages of hope were created by Assistant Coach, Tammy Bennett.   It was a wonderful time to spend with these girls who have hearts to help and serve.

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