Spring at LifeHouse is definitely about birth, growth, and new adventures!
Check out our article about our new babies and see their pictures. We have had NINE babies born since the first of the year!! You can just picture the energy around the dinner table each night.

Our programs are also growing! We have hired a new Director of Counseling and Programs. In addition, we are almost finished with construction of our “outreach” center located in conjunction with our administrative offices located at Bissonnet and Buffalo Speedway. Thank you to St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church for their generous donation of both our office and counseling space for years to come.

We hosted 100 golfers at Redstone on April 10th for a perfect day of golf, and celebrated the 5th anniversary of the tournament. Thank you all for making this the best golf tournament/fundraiser ever.

The State of Texas has decided to no longer recognize licensing of “maternity homes”; and as such we will be relicensed by September 1st as a GRO (general residential operation). This new adventure is significant in many ways and will give us the ability to care for more residents and allow them to stay on campus longer. Watch for exciting new developments as this opens the door to provide “housing, healing, and hope” to so many more young women.

Please take the opportunity to honor/remember a special woman in your life on Mother’s Day. Send a beautiful acknowledgement card from LifeHouse to a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, daughter, or special friend. You will find more information in the newsletter.
What a blessing it is to see God’s hand continue to affirm the ministry of LifeHouse!

– Debbie MacDonald, Executive Director