LifeLetter – Fall 2015



Stephanie is all smiles at LifeHouse

Around April of 2014, Stephanie was at the lowest point of her life. She had relapsed once more, turned to drugs and alcohol, and found herself in the ICU tired, discouraged, and homeless. “Every day I was in constant thought of a lifetime of all my bad choices. I prayed. I cried out. I prayed some more. I began to surrender.”

Stephanie finally found a Christian shelter that would help her become clean and where she would find out that she was pregnant. Her social worker there connected her to LifeHouse. Stephanie has been at LifeHouse for three months now and continues on her path to wellness. “Every day I wake up and I want to live. I have a son now. I have a second chance to make a beautiful life.“ She has credited her success to the role models at LifeHouse and has even learned what stability looks like. “I appreciate all the efforts that LifeHouse has made for me to achieve my goals and build this new life of mine. I have every intention to make the most of my time here and succeed in every step forward that I plan here into my future. I want the best and I will do my best to make it happen!”

Please join us in prayer for Stephanie!