LifeLetter – Fall 2015



LifeHouse is a Christ-centered ministry and therefore believes in and sees the importance of Jesus’ command to make disciples.

For this reason, LifeHouse has added a mentoring component to its program that aims to disciple residents. The commitment involves a mentor meeting with her mentee at least six times over eight weeks. Mentors and mentees are matched according to personality and interests. LifeHouse equips mentors with training and uses The Purple Book: Biblical Foundations for Building Strong Disciples as a tool for them to work through together.

Often, this is the first introduction to the Word of God, and it is a very powerful seed-planting tool for LifeHouse residents.

Sweet friendships are also birthed that will hopefully last long after the mentee moves on from LifeHouse! Jenny and Arabelis were paired this fall and have found they have things in common that go beyond what the personality and interests worksheet determined. They enjoy texting each other throughout the week and meet together often!

If you feel led to participate in our mentoring program, please contact Dawn Schauweker at