LifeLetter – Fall 2017



Once the storms calmed and the LifeHouse staff checked in as safe, the team went to work looking for pregnant women displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Executive Director, Meredith Phillips led the charge visiting local urban shelters

Her first stop was nearby Lakewood Church.

“They created a shelter on one floor and were offering services on another floor,” Phillips said. “There were so many volunteers that came, they were turning them away, but I went because I wanted to offer LifeHouse as a resource to any displaced pregnant women.”

Introducing herself to a volunteer who was overseeing the medical station at Lakewood, Phillips told him what she was there to do, and in return, he asked her to stay and work the rest of the day.

By the end of the day Wednesday, Phillips had talked at length with five expectant mothers who lost their homes and had nowhere to go. She was able to immediately place one of the women in LifeHouse, which has the capacity for as many as 18 moms at a time, while the team helped connect 10 more women to vital resources within the community.

“We really worry about the pregnant woman who has been in this kind of stress,” Phillips said. “We want to be able to give her an environment where she can rest physically and emotionally and be able to nurture the baby who is growing inside of her.”

By God’s grace, the LifeHouse homes were spared of any damage and the ministry continues its work to help women, including past residents, who were affected by the storm.

*This story is an edited version that originally appeared in Pregnancy Help News.