LifeLetter – Fall 2017



Blessing arrived at LifeHouse just three short weeks after leaving Nigeria. Initially, she planned to have an abortion as she felt the shame from her community of having a child out of wedlock. Before moving forward with the abortion Blessing cried out to the Lord, and He heard her prayers! She went online and searched “pregnant, homeless shelter, and Houston.” After calling several places with no response,Blessing called LifeHouse and within 24 hours received a call back. 

During her time at LifeHouse she was challenged in many ways and learned to trust God more. She now knows that she is not alone and that God is with her. She says that in the past, she “used to struggle for everything good” and now “before I get to the door, it opens!” One of those doors is a new career. Blessing has been accepted into the nursing program at Prairie View A&M and plans to start in the spring!