LifeLetter – Fall 2018 – Help

LifeLine Coach, Zainab, with former resident and child



Community: the intangible, yet palpable feeling of being loved by people in your world. Most women walk through the doors of LifeHouse having only glimpses of community—a friend here, a counselor there, a momentary love. At LifeHouse, true community is built around the family model of ministry—a mom and a dad who care deeply for the woman and her unborn child.

LifeLine was re-launched in 2018 with an emphasis on group counseling, peer-to-peer support, and education surrounding parenting. “Thank you so much for the launch of LifeHouse LifeLine,” said a former resident. “For someone like me who is at home all day with their child, and then works nights as a security guard, it is a blessing to be able to socialize with other women.” Zainab Ntaamah, LifeHouse’s LifeLine Coach, says that her greatest goal is to “create a safe place and an extended family for the former residents.”

If you would like to support LifeLine by providing lunch or volunteering, please contact Emily at