LifeLetter Spring 2015


HelpIn response to a non-residential services need, LifeLine has taken on a new strategic approach to reach abortion vulnerable women in communities across Houston. The goal of the program is to connect those in unplanned pregnancies to life-affirming services and programs in their local area.

LifeLine’s first client of the year was Sue. Sue graduated from Texas State University with an accounting degree, and shortly after landing her first job, found herself pregnant with very little help. After a quick Internet search, the scared mom-to-be stumbled upon LifeHouse’s website and was immediately enrolled into the LifeLine program. She was matched with a mentor, connected with her local crisis pregnancy center, and given various items to aid in her single-parent journey.

The now confident mom shares, “I am not sure where I would be without the help of the Lifeline program. My situation was once one of despair but is now one of hope.”

Social Services Director, Valerie Harkins Humes, has a goal of serving 10 LifeLine clients a month and 120 by the end of the year. Currently the program is on track to serve this number and more.