LifeLetter – Spring 2019 – Hope

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LifeLine Participant Graduates, Big Dreams for the Future

For some women being homeless and pregnant might feel like the end. But for Olivia, after her children were taken into CPS’s custody she knew it was time for a change. She said, “I felt like God was telling me this was the time I needed to get my stuff together for the sake of my children.”

Olivia moved into LifeHouse in the fall of 2017 and began to make a plan so that she could get her older children back and prepare for her little one. She knew that she would need stable housing, an education, and a job to begin working on her new life change.

Just before her LifeHouse baby’s first birthday, Olivia graduated at the top of her class earning her Certified Medical Assistant certification. Her LifeLine Coach, Zainab, was there to cheer her on as she crossed the stage. Looking back on the past year, Olivia recalls “Zainab was the really big support that helped me get where I needed to be. I owe it all to her.”

Olivia is now working on her second certification as a Surgical Technician and is an active participant in the LifeLine Community Group. She is also now close to reaching her goal of bringing her children home again.

Please join us in praying for her and all of the LifeLine Community Group participants as they continue in their journey after LifeHouse.