LifeLetter – Spring 2019 – Housing

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LifeHouse Gets a New Look

“My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest,” says the Lord in Isaiah 32:18. 

Most women who walk through the doors of LifeHouse have never experienced home as a place of rest. Home was where fear was. Home was where someone allowed them to sleep for the night. Home has caused more damage than blessing and LifeHouse seeks to reclaim what God has called sacred – the home.

To aid in the healing process designed intentionally for the traumatized resident the LifeHouse homes were recently updated. From natural lighting that invites rest, to minimizing excessive décor to calm the mind – the homes stand ready to welcome the women in peace.

The new environment helps those with sensory processing disorders by removing busy patterns and overstimulating bright lights.

Thank you to the many churches and donors who enable the ministry to meet the needs of the residents in this unique way.