LifeLetter – Spring 2019 – Impacting Lives Through Community

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Impacting Lives Through Community

Smiles, laughter, moments of mourning together and seasons of rejoicing together – that is community. At LifeHouse, each former resident is invited into exactly that by joining the LifeLine “Community Group.” Meeting monthly at a local church in the Fifth Ward, the community consists of past residents who have morphed into family.

Since its launch last fall forty-three past residents have enrolled in the group that focuses on discipling, encouraging, and supporting the single-mom after she has left LifeHouse. During the three-hour gathering women engage in an activity that communicates valuable knowledge like the importance of reading to your child, healthy play, and first-aid. Using a non-traditional method like crafting, residents are able to recall what they have learned at a higher rate. This intentional method of teaching is important when working with women who have endured great amounts of trauma like the typical LifeHouse client.

Most recently, the Community Group adopted a food pantry in response to learning about the importance of “giving back” during a monthly meeting. Women also support one another by meeting outside the group for playdates and taking turns watching each other’s child. LifeHouse forecasts the group to be close to 100 women by the end of the year.

Volunteers are currently needed to help with childcare during monthly meetings, lunch, and more. To volunteer contact