LifeLetter – Summer 2015



Sal-e receives her new computer from the Linda Sadler Memorial Fund

A young, bubbly girl named Sal-e was attending Sharpstown High School when she found out she was pregnant. “I thought it would be easy in the beginning, but I realized as time went by I would need more and more help,”  Sal-e said. God knew and provided.

Sal-e learned about LifeHouse through her mentor and has been living at the minisry since January. Her favorite memories so far are the family atmosphere that has taught her structure and responsibility and the Fourth of July barbecue filled with fun and great food.

Upon the birth of her baby boy, Sale-e plans to attain her high school diploma. She says that instead of being nervous or fearful, she is now ready to be a mom because of her time at LifeHouse.

Join us in praying that Sal-e will have a smooth transition into motherhood and for her light to continue to shine to all she meets.