LifeLetter – Summer 2015

Special thanks to Clear Channel Outdoor for the three billboards highlighting our new school

Special thanks to Clear Channel Outdoor for the three billboards highlighting our new school



In 2008, leadership at LifeHouse of Houston had a big dream. It consisted of helping the residents in a long-term way that would pay big dividends for their future by providing a school on the campus. Due to various reasons, the dream quietly faded into the background, not yet ready to come to fruition.

Fast forward to February of 2015. LifeHouse received an email from The University of Texas – University Charter School (UT-UCS) whose mission is to provide a personalized learning experience for students in need of alternative educational programs. They were interested in placing a school on the LifeHouse campus at little expense to the ministry. With great excitement, the staff and board went to work doing the necessary research to be sure it was the right fit. After various meetings and visiting with the appropriate folks from UT-UCS, it was deemed the school would greatly enhance the experience of the LifeHouse resident and add immense value to the ministry.

Beginning in August, the school will staff up to two teachers, four hours a day, and focus on credit restoration and progress toward a diploma. What makes UT-UCS unique is the opportunity for girls to receive specialized instruction tailored to their scholastic needs. Girls ages 12-26 will be eligible for enrollment and have the opportunity to continue classes beyond their stay with LifeHouse. The school will also be open to non-residents of LifeHouse through the LifeLine program.

As stated by the wisest man that ever lived, King Solomon, “There is a time for everything. . . .” The Lord Jesus saw fit that this year was the divinely appointed time for this seven-year-old dream to come true. Watch your inboxes for more information on the school!