LifeLetter – Summer 2016



LifeHouse alumni enjoy a day of continued learning about parenting and Jesus

LifeLine holds two events each year aimed at connecting LifeHouse alumni with continued education and resources and helping them grow spiritually.

The 2016 spring event was held at Grace Bible Church (GBC). The program featured a past resident of almost two decades ago who was a single parent and walked in similar shoes as many of the residents. She shared three ways to grow in one’s walk with Jesus – by attending church regularly, spending time in prayer, and time reading the Bible.

The girls also enjoyed teaching by Claire Hao about the effects of transient living on their children and the importance of providing stability. They learned this is one of the most important things to do while parenting, or the cycle of instability would continue.

Last year, Lifeline helped over 100 women. The program is on track to reach even more this year.