LifeLetter – Summer 2016

The Williams Family poses for a picture their last week at LifeHouse


On Tuesday, May 31, Savanna and Ray Williams and their three sons loaded a U-Haul and headed back to their home state of California. After serving as houseparents at LifeHouse for three years, the goodbye didn’t come easy for staff, residents, or the Williams. Savanna and Ray housed more than 60 women during their 3 years. 

“I have held the hand of over 30 women while they had their baby,” Savanna said.

The family moved into the “Adult Home” (ages 18 +) of LifeHouse in June 2013 after hearing about the ministry from their cousin who was serving on the board of directors at the time. Among the many things Savanna says that she learned during her 36 months at LifeHouse, “acceptance” and how to be a “hope bearer in darkness” were two of the paramount takeaways.

Serving up to six pregnant women at a time in crisis situations while raising three boys certainly creates a unique dynamic. Savanna and Ray realized early on that not only was their heart changing while serving residents, so were their son’s hearts.

“The boys have learned to be accepting at a young age and love unconditionally. Some of the most challenging questions have come from my sons to the girls. They have literally served as teachers to the girls. The experience has been a foundation for their lives,” says Savanna.

The most bittersweet part of being houseparents came last year when Savanna and Ray journeyed early on in pregnancy all the way through to adoption with a resident.  “The promise that a baby has on both family’s lives is beautiful,” Savanna explained through tears.

Please keep the Williams in your prayers as they enter into all that God has for them in this next season.