LifeLetter – Summer 2018

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June 2018 marks 15 months of sobriety for Janique – no small feat! Janique came to Houston from Port Arthur to participate in a recovery program to overcome her addiction to drugs. She said, “I should’ve died 1000 times from overdosing.”

While in the recovery program, she rediscovered the love of Jesus that she had as a child. When she found herself in an unplanned pregnancy, she knew she needed to go somewhere “faith-based” where she could experience accountability in her continued recovery. LifeHouse was the perfect fit.

Her favorite part of LifeHouse is the “family-oriented” atmosphere. She was raised by a single mother, so she now recognizes the importance of a father after seeing her house dad model this role.

Janique is looking forward to being a mother herself in December. She plans to follow some of the “family” examples she has learned during her time at LifeHouse – such as praying together and joyful laughter around the family dinner table. Please join us praying for Janique and her new baby.