LifeLetter – Winter 2016



Ambernique holding JaShawn

Ambernique came to LifeHouse the summer of 2014, five months pregnant and in need of help during her pregnancy. A very smart and goal oriented young woman, Ambernique needed help because the father of her baby and her family had cut off all support. LifeHouse, through its wrap-around services, helped Ambernique make a solid plan for her life and the life of her son through a collaborative relationship with the Santa Maria Hostel.  After leaving LifeHouse, Ambernique continues to stay in touch with LifeHouse through the after-care program called LifeLine. She meets and communicates with the LifeHouse Director of Social Services/LifeLine, Valerie Humes, often for continued wisdom and support.

Ambernique has worked as a bus driver for the past two years to support her and her baby boy, JaShawn. She balances her budget and finances well as she works to pay off her car and provide a stable home for her son. She has a goal of becoming debt free in the near future and hopes to be able to find a job in the medical field.

The past resident believes that LifeHouse gave her the stability she needed to be able to get to the point that she is at now. The staff at LifeHouse is so proud of her and loves using her story as a way to motivate and encourage current residents!