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Bible Study Instructor


Dig into the scriptures and facilitate a bible study with the women. The specific study will be selected by LifeHouse staff. 8-week commitment preferred.

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Donation Sorting


Donation Sorting volunteers help to organize and inventory all in-kind donations received on our campus, such as maternity clothes, baby clothes, diapers, and more! These items are donated directly to the residents, alumnae, and their children. Volunteering takes place on Wednesdays in 2-hour time blocks.

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Friday Fun Night Hosts

Hayley Kosel

Games? Crafts? S’Mores? Bring a group of friends and/or family to ours and host dinner and do a family friendly activity of your choosing with the LifeHouse residents. Activities must be approved by LifeHouse staff in advance. Volunteer groups of 2-5 individuals preferred.

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House Parent Assistant


Assist the house moms by helping with transportation of residents, grocery trips, household chores, and encouraging the house mother and women living in the home. Minimum 4-week commitment preferred.

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Maintenance or Cleaning Project


Helping maintain the grounds of LifeHouse allows the women we serve to be welcomed into an environment of safety and healing. Bring your small group out and help with landscaping, deep cleaning, or various projects around the homes.

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Parenting Class Instructor


Support our maternity ladies by helping them prepare for motherhood. Discuss pregnancy & prenatal care, labor & delivery, and how to properly care for a child once he or she arrives. Specific curriculum will be provided for you.

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Power Hour Lunch & Prayer


Come join our LifeLine ladies for a lunchtime gathering! Volunteers will bring a meal to share with a small group of women and their children, share a bible story from one of the gospels, and spend time praying with the ladies. Monthly commitment preferred.

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Productive Hours Instructor


Spend time with the LifeHouse residents by leading an interactive class or therapeutic activity! These classes provide a time for the residents to work on a creative project, learn new skills, and connect with the volunteer and other residents. Class ideas include crafting, painting, creative writing, cooking, fitness (strengthening and stretching), and more. Minimum 4-week commitment preferred.

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Relationships Class Instructor


Help our women navigate how to have healthy relationships with others. A specific Relationships curriculum will be provided for you. 7-week commitment preferred.