Volunteer Guidelines

In an effort to make your service at LifeHouse as fruitful and enjoyable as possible, we ask that you carefully observe these guidelines.

Uphold the values of LifeHouse, a Christ-centered organization.
The ministry is committed to presenting the gospel both in word and deed to the women and families we serve. We expect volunteers to exemplify Christ-like behavior to residents, staff, and other volunteers.

Be a committed volunteer.
Volunteers are asked to have a spirit of faithfulness in planning, arriving at your assigned time(s), and adhering to the intention of your scheduled volunteer opportunity. If you are sick, please stay home for the safety of our residents.

Refrain from counseling towards adoption or parenting.
LifeHouse recognizes that both parenting through adoption and single-parenting are good options and is not biased toward either. The ministry is independent of adoption agencies and refers to various ones.

Honor our message of sexual abstinence until marriage.
Please do not share a message outside of the biblical mandate of fidelity within marriage.

Maintain a substance-free campus.
Do not distribute any substance, including but not limited to, illegal drugs, over the counter medicine, prescription drugs, and cigarettes to our residents. For any volunteers who do smoke, please do so outside of LifeHouse property.

Leave weapons off campus.
Even if you have license to carry, leave all weapons such as guns, tasers, or knives within your vehicle before entering the LifeHouse campus.

Dress modestly and appropriately.
Volunteers are expected to model biblical standards of dress for the residents. Please dress according to your designated volunteer opportunity. Jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes are typically appropriate.

Keep all resident information confidential.
Protect the residents by not sharing their names or stories. Do not take or share any photos of the residents. You are encouraged to take and share photos of your volunteers and the campus. #LifeHouseHouston

Avoid giving gifts directly to residents.
Direct gifts to residents are not allowed in order to eliminate the appearance of favoritism. Please coordinate all donations through the Volunteer Coordinator.

Maintain healthy boundaries with residents.
Volunteers are not allowed to interact with the residents away from the campus without staff approval. This is for the protection of both the resident and volunteer. Dating residents while volunteering with LifeHouse is strictly prohibited.


For more information, email Hayley at hayley.kosel@lifehousehouston.org.