Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is LifeHouse?

We are a Christian residential care facility for pregnant teens and young women. We have two homes for pregnant women ages 12+. We also have postpartum counseling and other non-residential services through our “LifeLine” program.

Q: How much does it cost to stay at LifeHouse?

There are no financial costs to our residents.

Q: While at LifeHouse will I be able to continue my education?

Yes, most definitely! We encourage you to either continue your college education or to explore beginning classes.

Q: Can I have a job if I want?

Yes. If you have completed high school (or have a GED), you will have the opportunity for outside employment as well as regular volunteering.

Q: How old are the residents who stay at LifeHouse?

We serve individuals ages 12+.

Q: How far along in my pregnancy do I need to be before I can come?

Anytime, provided that you have proof of pregnancy.

Q: Can I be forced to come to LifeHouse?

No. You must make your own decision to come into our home.

Q: How long can I stay at LifeHouse?

Most stay until the delivery of the baby. However, we have an aftercare home you may apply to live in.

Q: Do you provide a place for my baby and me to live after my baby is born?

We do not provide a place, but as you make plans for you and your child LifeHouse provides many resources for you to make an educated decision for your future.

Q: Can my family and friends visit me?

Yes. Shortly after you move in you can have weekly visits depending on your growth in the program.

Q: If I come to LifeHouse, do I have to place my baby for adoption?

No. Parenting or placing for adoption is your decision. However, we encourage you to be open minded and learn about all your viable options.

Q: How many residents can stay at the home?

We can house up to twelve residents in two homes (six residents per home).

Q: I already have a child. Can I bring him/her with me?

We are not able to care for children.

Q: Where will I deliver? Can my family be with me?

Your delivery will be at Bayshore Medical Center in Pasadena, TX, which provides the best in care for you. Your family can come to the hospital and visit with you and the baby if you would like.

Q: How do I apply?

1. Complete the online application here.

2. A LifeHouse staff member will contact the prospective resident via telephone for an interview.

3. If the prospective resident is eligible and space is available, an intake date will be determined.

If you have a question regarding this process, please contact (713) 623-2120.