How do I apply?

Grace Gay

Complete the online application under our “get help” page. A LifeHouse team member will reach out within 2 hours of receiving your completed form. If you have a question regarding this process, please contact (713) 623-2120.

How long can I stay at LifeHouse?

Katie Madden

Most pregnant women stay until the delivery of the baby. However, we also have an aftercare home for new moms that you may apply to live in for up to 14 months after your child is born.

What if I have more questions?


Any questions you have regarding the application process or resident life, please call us at 713.623.2120.

Where will I deliver? Can my family be with me?

Katie Madden

You are welcome to deliver with your current doctor. If you are not currently under the care of an OB/GYN, LifeHouse will help connect you with medical care. Your family is welcome to come to the hospital and visit with you and the baby if you would like.

How many residents can stay at the home?

Katie Madden

We can house up to ten residents and three babies across our two homes. The maternity home can house up to seven pregnant women. The aftercare home can house up to three women and three newborns.